Split System Air Conditioner Clifton Hill

PolaAir are Melbourne’s top heating and cooling specialists, offering popular systems like ducted air conditioners and split system air conditioners. Able to supply, install and service a variety of air conditioning systems, you can rely on PolaAir to help you create a comfortable home or work environment.

Our split system air conditioners can both heat and cool your property, with PolaAir providing various types of split system air conditioners to Clifton Hill homes and businesses including:

  • Wall-Mounted Split System Air Conditioner
  • Multi-Split System Air Conditioner
  • Wall mounted Split System Air Conditioner

These systems can be mounted in various places depending on the configuration of your space, including on the wall, ceiling, bulkhead or floor.

For the supply, installation and servicing of split system air conditioners, Clifton Hill locals need look no further than PolaAir, the team with over 10 years of experience.

Ducted Air Conditioning Clifton Hill

In addition to split system air conditioning and evaporative cooling, PolaAir also offer ducted air conditioning. With ducted air conditioning, Clifton Hill locals are able to enjoy discreet and consistent cooling through even the most sweltering of summer days. The heating and cooling professionals at PolaAir consider a variety of factors to recommend the most suitable ducted air conditioner for you, including the environmental conditions in your area, your cooling requirements and your budget.

Regardless of your requirements, our range of energy efficient, reliable and technologically advanced ducted air conditioners are sure to please! Just give us a call on 1800 88 POLA to see how we can help.